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The name of this website, How To Lose Weight In A Week, is not misleading. You can certainly lose a significant about of weight in a week. But you MUST do it safely. The basic combination of how to accomplish weekly gains regarding weight loss is to move more while consuming less.

However, WHAT you eat matters! While it is necessary to curb back your caloric intake, if you consume foods very high in nutritional value, you’ll be fine. The key is not to starve yourself or take harmful drugs. Your body will eliminate waste. You just need to facilitate the process through exercise and proper diet.

How many calories do you need to burn to lose a pound of fat?

This is an important question moving forward. First of all, let’s answer the question, “What is a calorie?” A calorie is a measurement of energy. Think of it as Miles Per Gallon. In the way it might take your car 1 gallon of gas to drive 25 miles, it takes your body 3,500 calories of energy to burn 1 pound of fat. Therefore, you need a calorie intake deficit of 500 per day for 7 days to lose 1 pound of fat per week.

There are many variables that can affect this formula but by-enlarge, this realization, in practice, works.

how to lose weight in a week

How To Lose Weight In A Week – 10 Excercise & Diet Tips

Whether you’re faced with more serious physical issues or you just want to look great poolside, there are some tips that can help anyone lose weight fast. Remember, BEFORE STARTING ANY EXCERCISE ROUTINE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT A PHYSICIAN FIRST.

  1. Break Up Your Routine: Don’t let your body get used to doing the same thing over and over again. Even for short term results, like when you need to drop a pound in a week, surprise your body every day.  A great way to do this is to combine very different disciplines into a custom workout. For example, you might want to alternate a weight lifting routine with a Yoga routine. The key is, keep your body guessing.
  2. Drastically Reduce Your Sugar Intake: Dietary Sugar, NOT DIETARY FAT, is most responsible for your belly fat! By reducing starchy foods and refined sugars, your body will respond almost immediately by reducing bloat and water retention.
  3. Exercise Early: A bodybuilder once told me, “You want to get ripped? Excercise first thing in the morning.” I didn’t quite understand back then, but when I finally put the idea into practice, I noticed amazing results. Your appetite is also curbed after a workout so you’ll likely just need a small bowl of oats and/or a couple of eggs for breakfast.
  4. Don’t Eat Late: This is a weight loss killer. First of all, most late eating experiences involve less than healthy “meals”. Remember, Ice Cream is NOT one of the essential foods you’ll need if you’re wondering how to lose weight quickly!
  5. Drink Water First Thing In The Morning: If you want to lose weight fast, get in the habit of waking up and slamming a 16-24 ounce glass of water before you do anything. Studies have shown that not doing so will increase your metabolism by an astonishing 24% for much of the morning. I call it morning water therapy! It is such a mindless easy thing to do that there really is no excuse not to do it! Studies have also shown that you can significantly reduce your risk of heart attack by sufficiently hydrating your blood and organs. And there’s no better time to hydrate than after a long night’s sleep on an empty stomach.
  6. Eat High Fiber Foods: If you want to know the real secret behind “How To Lose Weight In A Week” it is to combine the reduction of sugar with a major increase in dietary fiber. In his #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Zero Sugar Diet author, David Zinczenko, articulates beautifully how you can “lose a pound of belly fat per day” by swapping out dietary sugar with dietary fiber. It’s a must read!
  7.  Lift Weights: I know some of you just said, “I’m outa here!” but hear me out. First off, if you want a hot body, you’re are certainly going to have to add some resistance training. It’s just the way it is! Weight lifting stresses the muscles to which one of your body’s first responses is to increase your metabolism. And studies have shown that weight lifting will keep your metabolism high throughout the day! Do you still hate it? Yeah, I used to as well! But believe me, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. And, the better you get, the more you’ll learn to love weight lifting for weight loss!
  8. Interrupt Your Pattern: This is my favorite. This idea has lead to so many health benefits including my having lost 20 pounds, giving up drinking, and lots of other positive changes. I’ll outline the idea with a personal example. First, I imagine my goal as a thread. And, I imagine my craving as an opportunity to grow the tread. I’ll repeat this when a craving comes up, “The more I say NO to you, the stronger my thread grows.” I literally envision the thread growing with every time I repeat this mantra. Soon it becomes a cable. Then a cable that can hold up a suspension bridge! Try it. It works!
  9. Turn Your TV Off And Get Some Sleep: You binge watchers, you know who you are! I know because I was one. I went so far as to have the cable company come and kindly remove their services from my home. If you can click the OFF button and grab a book (I fall asleep when I read) you’ll notice a huge shift in, not only your weight loss but in your general health. Look, this site is called How To Lose Weight In A Week, but this is not a Get Skinny Quick scheme! While you take the necessary actions to meet your weight loss deadline, be cognisant of the fact that you’re making a lifestyle change. If you don’t, you’ll fall right back into the same old, same old.
  10. Eat Ranch and Bleu Cheese Dressing: Yeah, I said it! In all seriousness, when eating out, choose a salad. You know what’s healthy and what is not. And if you choose the decadent bleu cheese wedge, get the dressing on the side. But here’s the key: don’t pour the dressing over the salad. Instead, dip your fork in the dressing then eat. You’ll be amazing at how you can enjoy your salad while leaving most of the fatty dressings in the dish.

We’ve just scratched the surface here. But if you want to know how to lose weight in a week, start with these ten weight loss tips! Enjoy the blog!

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